Our Mission:

Collective Growth.

We help organizations better live their diversity and equity missions, identify and mentor new leaders, and bring change initiatives to fruition through social-emotionally informed internal research, facilitated community dialogue, and customized professional development.


Beyond Inclusion: Advancing Equity by Fostering Belonging

Cognitive science, affective neuroscience, and educational experience all tell us that a sense of belonging is a fundamental prerequisite for effective effort, enduring learning, healthy social bonds, and intellectual risk-taking. At Beyond Delta, we believe that self-efficacy – the belief in one’s capabilities and a solid expectation of future success – is not only the foundational goal of education but is also contextual, mutable, intersectional, and dependent on a sense of belonging in one’s learning community. Our goal is to help schools shift the tone of their diversity, equity, and inclusion work to move beyond inclusion to full belonging. We do this by actively partnering with organizations, harnessing the transformative power of community dialogue, and advancing social-emotional skills. We help you move beyond change – which often leaves people behind – to truly collective growth.

Beyond Empowerment: nurturing Self-Efficacy to Advance Transformational Leaders

Empowering new leaders is a critical step in ensuring continuous and sustainable organizational growth. But empowerment isn’t enough – as you hand the mic over to a new leader, you have to make sure they have the skills and support necessary to command the stage. Self-efficacy and belonging are critical to the foundation of a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive community; so too are they essential to the development of effective, impactful young leaders. We offer workshops and retreats, as well ongoing formative coaching, to not only empower new leaders, but to equip them with the tools necessary for success.

How do we work with you?

Our team collects and digs into qualitative and quantitative data, reviews literature, does market analysis, and connects you to a vast professional network in order to offer targeted solutions for your school’s needs. We design and implement ongoing professional development, guiding successful implementation of new programs and practices. We coach existing and emerging leaders. And because we know that each growth step in a school has a different half-life and distinct needs, we build an ongoing relationship with you to ensure that the tools we help you create continue to work.  

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Who We Are



managing partner

Carla Pugliese is committed to building schools that foster self-efficacy, belonging, and joy. Her experience as a middle and high school teacher, middle school administrator, and social-emotional learning specialist, as well as her studies in mediation, meditation, and mindfulness, led her to build Beyond Delta Learning Group and develop the Beyond Delta method as a way to bring social-emotional skills to bear on vital – and often difficult – institutional, societal, and cultural initiatives. She is an alumna of Stanford University and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College.

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Carla works with a broad network of school leaders, academics, data scientists, and learning science experts, bringing in the talent necessary to address your project’s needs and best serve your community.



Summary of Services

We offer an array of professional services that develop organizational and individual self-efficacy, facilitate reflection, strengthen community bonds, and enable growth. Though each of our contracts is unique, as we actively partner with you to craft a plan of engagement that meets your needs and serves your mission, our work tends to break down into three broad categories: community research and reflection; conflict resolution; and training and professional development. Read on for more details on each.






Focus Groups, Targeted Interviews, Open Fora

We offer qualitative research in all its forms and, depending on your community, culture, and objectives, will help you determine which format is best suited to your needs. We work with all age groups and community constituents, from elementary school students to board members. Our sessions are designed with social-emotional dynamics in mind, making the process of speaking and listening an integral part of forward movement and growth. We work at high volume (up to seven sessions/day) to ensure all voices are heard. All sessions are recorded, analyzed, and synthesized for the client.  

Survey Facilitation and Analysis

Depending on your goals, we offer a variety of quantitative research services, from facilitating and personalizing the process of using a widely deployed tool (such as NAIS’ AIM), connecting you with researchers crafting the next generation of school surveys, or building a bespoke instrument tailored to your organization and project. We use the results from these quantitative measures to enable us to dig even deeper in qualitative inquiry.




Mediation and Facilitation

Trained in the art of difficult conversations and SEL-informed conflict resolution, we serve as mediators and discussion facilitators for groups of any size.. These engagements can be either single sittings – for issues that may be simpler or have a cut-and-dried resolution – or a series of meetings.

Organizational Coach

We offer contract services for the role of organizational coach. In this capacity, we work closely with the organization in an on-going partnership, serving as a neutral outside party. We act as a confidential, human collection point for community concerns, collating those concerns, analyzing them for on-going trends and reporting back to key partners within the organization at regular intervals. Because we believe that culture and context are paramount to problem solving, we require an extended on-site visit (at least 5 days) in order to engage in this partnership.





Professional Development

We offer professional development for teachers and administrators in conflict management and resolution, personal leadership, SEL-informed pedagogy and community practices, and what we call comfort-with-discomfort – resiliency, vulnerability, and empathy training. We also offer all of these sessions, with slight modifications, as parent education courses.

Student Leadership Training

We work with groups of students, training them in the conflict resolution techniques we ourselves employ, along with social-emotional skills, affective neuroscience, and cognitive development. The goal of these sessions is to give students a robust toolbox with which to approach problem solving and to increase both self- and other-awareness, building empathy and compassion along the way.

The Beyond Delta Difference


Social-emotionally informed methods

Our inside-out approach sets us apart.

Rather than come in with a raft of buzzwords or prepackaged systems, we seek to meet your school where it is and help scaffold your vision in an authentic, achievable, sustainable way.

Process triangle

Our process follows a design thinking rhythm, built on cycles of inquiry, implementation, and reflection.

We start by getting to know your school, your mission, and your vision for your students, faculty, and community. With you, we look at your goals and challenges; together, we identify an actionable path forward. We then dive into implementation: facilitating community focus groups, administering quantitative data collection, and leading interactive and recurring professional development workshops. Throughout the process, we keep a feedback loop open, allowing our work together to flex to your organization’s evolving needs.

Our work is grounded in creating spaces where people feel they can speak honestly and be heard.

We amplify quiet voices and provide the oil for squeaky wheels. We use mediation and conflict resolution techniques to help community members hear and respond to each other with openness and compassion. We leverage empathy to keep community members oriented toward growth.



Building your institutional self-efficacy is our goal.



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